Ashnikko’s “Halloweenie V: The Moss King” Visualizer Kicks Off Spooky Night Festivities

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Halloween isn’t just a day for playing dress-up; for some, like Ashnikko, it’s a lifestyle. Ashnikko, known for her hit “Dying Star,” resurrected her annual Halloweenie single series on October 27. The latest addition to this collection is “Halloweenie V: The Moss King,” and its official visualizer is the perfect way to kick off your spooky night festivities.

In the video, an animated version of Ashnikko wreaks havoc in the forest with the assistance of some ghoulish friends. The decision not to release a Halloweenie track last year, as they were focusing on their “Weedkiller” album, was shared by Ashnikko on their official X (formerly Twitter) page.

“Just to soften the blow, I’m just gonna tell you now there won’t be a ‘Halloweenie’ song this year because I’m literally ripping my hair out trying to finish this album, and I have to focus! It will be worth the wait, I promise! So grateful to you all for listening to my songsies,” Ashnikko wrote.

The temporary deviation from tradition in 2022 was all worth it, as the latest “Halloweenie V: The Moss King” release proves.

Watch Ashnikko’s “Halloweenie V: The Moss King” visualizer to get into the Halloween spirit.