ariel marie "just this way"

Unveiling Ariel Marie’s Emotional Canvas in “Just This Way”

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Ariel Marie defies the norm at just 18 years old, making her mark in the music realm while pursuing a degree in music business at NYU. Influenced by iconic figures like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Ariel infuses her music with themes of nature, love, and literary nuances, crafting a mesmerizing blend that resonates deeply with audiences.

From a tender age, Ariel displayed an innate passion for music, channeling inspiration from her idols to craft her own compositions. Armed with her guitar and banjo, she meticulously molds each song, pouring her essence into every lyric and melody.

Her latest release, Just This Way,” offers a window into Ariel’s creative process and storytelling finesse. Drawing from personal anecdotes and literary musings, the track serves as a poignant exploration of life’s twists and turns, beckoning listeners on a musical voyage like no other.

As Ariel refines her craft and offers her distinct perspective to the world, her creativity and talent cast a radiant light upon the music industry. With Just This Way captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark, Ariel Marie emerges as an artist poised to make a significant impact in the years to come.

Stay tuned for more enchanting melodies from Ariel Marie as she continues to captivate listeners with her soul-stirring vocals and heartfelt compositions. With her unwavering dedication and passion, Ariel is destined to carve her niche in the contemporary music landscape.

Listen to “Just This Way” here: