Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso Unveils Upcoming Album ‘Grasa’ with Surprise Event

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Nathy Peluso has announced her highly anticipated third studio album, ‘Grasa,’ slated for release on May 24 after a four-year hiatus. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the Argentine-Spanish rapper and vocalist delighted fans with an unexpected appearance at Prince Street Pizza in New York City, where she personally served slices of the renowned eatery’s famously indulgent pizza.

With an enthusiastic cry of “Who wants Grasa!” the artist joyously engaged with her eager supporters, embodying the spirit of her forthcoming album.

In a recent interview with Billboard Español, Peluso discussed the inspiration behind the album’s title, explaining, “I sought out words that encapsulated the essence of what I wished to convey – something raw, something potent. The term ‘grasa’ arose from a visceral feeling, and I desired a word rich in layers of meaning, one that listeners could embrace as their own.”

The album announcement follows the release of Peluso’s latest single, “JET_Set.mp3,” featuring collaboration with Argentine vocalist Emilia, which premiered in January. ‘Grasa’ serves as the successor to her 2020 album, ‘Calambre,’ which debuted amid the pandemic.

Prior to the revelation of ‘Grasa,’ Peluso captivated audiences with a surprise guest appearance alongside Colombian superstar Karol G at Buenos Aires’ Velez Sarsfield stadium on April 27, as part of Karol’s Latin American tour. The duo performed “Gato Negro” from Karol’s 2021 album ‘KG056.’ Reflecting on the experience, Peluso expressed gratitude for the invitation, emphasizing the significance of performing in Buenos Aires and the emotional resonance of their live rendition of the song.

Witness Nathy Peluso’s infectious energy as she serves up delectable slices of pizza in the heart of NYC in the video below. Bon appétit!