Ashnikko and Ethel Cain Collaborate on Cosmic Track "Dying Star"

Ashnikko and Ethel Cain Collaborate on Cosmic Track “Dying Star”

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Ashnikko ‘s highly anticipated album, Weedkiller, has finally been released after a delay, and it features a standout track titled “Dying Star,” a collaboration with rising pop star Ethel Cain, known for her 2022 debut full-length Preacher’s Daughter.

In “Dying Star,” Ashnikko and Ethel Cain deliver a cinematic performance, singing in harmony: “I died and I land with both of my hands / In the mud, the mud / It felt like a God, how she held me.”

Ashnikko shared her thoughts on Weedkiller, stating, “The world I’ve been crafting for the past two and a half years is finally hatching. I felt immense release writing this record. It deepened my sense of selfhood. It sent roots out of my feet and into the earth. I reclaimed my body from the weedkillers who latched onto my skin like ticks. I hope you are able to writhe around and scream in the forest and howl at the moon and scurry around like a rat to this album.”

This cosmic collaboration between Ashnikko and Ethel Cain is a testament to their artistic prowess and a must-listen for fans of innovative and genre-blurring music. “Dying Star” invites listeners on a journey through celestial soundscapes and lyrical depth, making it a standout track on Weedkiller.

Weedkiller is now available via Parlophone Records, and more information can be found here.