Marzz Releases Captivating New Single “In the Morning”

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Rising singer Marzz has returned with their latest single, “In the Morning,” released under Keep Cool/RCA Records. Produced by Malik Ninety Five, the track features glistening guitars and showcases Marzz’s desire to accelerate a love affair that’s moving too slowly.

In “In the Morning,” Marzz sings, “I don’t want no more excuses / I play no games / I’m so damn tired of feeling useless / So what you think ya doing / I don’t plan on staying for too long / I want more than a little movement / Can we make love until the morning.”

marzz in the morning single cover
Keep Cool/RCA Records

Marzz explains the song’s concept, saying, “This song represents a feeling of waiting until the morning, getting excited about the unknown. It’s the wishful understanding of everything within a relationship. Sometimes we need understanding about falling in love when we’re not sure.”

This release marks Marzz’s first new music since 2022’s  Love Letterz (Deluxe) , an extended version of their 2021 debut EP,  Love Letterz, featuring seven bonus tracks.

In an interview Marzz highlighted the difference between the original and extended versions, stating, “Love Letterz explores others’ perspectives, while Love Letterz (Deluxe) delves into my personal experiences. It’s me delving into my mind and dissecting my feelings. Right now, I’m focused on determining the boundaries I want to set.”

Back in June 2021, Marzz expressed their hopes for what fans would take away from Love Letterz, emphasizing their empathy for those struggling with depression. Marzz’s music aims to offer solace and love to those in need.

Marzz has previously toured with H.E.R. and headlined their own tour named after the album Love Letterz (Deluxe).

You can stream Marzz’s latest track, “In the Morning,” below.

Marzz’s unique blend of emotive vocals and evocative songwriting continues to resonate with fans, and “In the Morning” is sure to captivate listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing sound.