Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee Returns with Flirty Anthem “Jenny’s Got A Boyfriend” and Roller Disco Extravaganza

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Pop powerhouse Bonnie McKee is back with a bang! The Grammy-nominated, diamond-certified songwriter unveiled her infectious new single “Jenny’s Got A Boyfriend,” accompanied by a captivating music video that will have you yearning for the roller rink.

Inspiration for the song struck when a friend’s boyfriend turned out to be a serial flirt. McKee explains, “”Jenny’s Got A Boyfriend’ was inspired by a friend’s boyfriend who couldn’t resist a little harmless flirting – with everyone! I always wanted to write a song with a name in the title, and classics like ‘Jesse’s Girl’ came to mind. But I hadn’t heard a song about wanting someone else’s partner from a woman’s perspective. This is kind of like ‘Jolene’ in reverse, if Dolly Parton’s man was a charming playboy (maybe he was!)”

“Jenny’s Got A Boyfriend” showcases McKee at her finest. Her signature songwriting style shines through as she navigates the irresistible allure of a handsome, yet frustratingly committed, man. Her vocals are brimming with confidence and playful defiance.

McKee wasn’t just satisfied with crafting the song; she also stepped behind the camera to direct the visually stunning music video. Starring, casting, and producing the video herself, McKee wasn’t afraid to embrace a bold 70s aesthetic heavily influenced by “Boogie Nights.” The vibrant roller disco setting perfectly complements the song’s playful lyrics, with slick choreography and eye-catching visuals that instantly captivate viewers.

“Directing the video was a collaborative effort with my longtime partner-in-crime David Richardson,” McKee explains. “It’s challenging to direct when you’re also the star, but David and I share a love for retro special effects and comedic storytelling. I wanted to make it clear that this crush on Jenny’s boyfriend is purely a fantasy, not something I’d ever act on in real life. So we incorporated some lighthearted humor with glow-in-the-dark bits to keep things playful, even though the subject matter could be misconstrued. Let’s just say no boyfriends were harmed in the making of this song!”

The track will be featured on McKee’s highly anticipated album, Hot City. This record has been a long time coming. Legend has it that McKee originally recorded the album under a previous record deal. Fan leaks over the years only heightened anticipation for its official release. Discovering a dedicated online forum pleading for Hot City to finally see the light of day, McKee decided to take matters into her own hands and re-record the album herself.

McKee has already built momentum for the album with previously released singles “SLAY,” “Hot City,” and “Don’t Get Mad Get Famous,” garnering millions of streams and critical acclaim from publications like The FADER and Rolling Stone. “Jenny’s Got A Boyfriend” is sure to add even more fuel to the fire, establishing itself as a playful and relatable anthem.

Get ready to dust off your roller skates and crank up the volume for Bonnie McKee’s irresistible new single “Jenny’s Got A Boyfriend” and its groovy music video extravaganza. Hot City is coming soon, so stay tuned!