Letters Sent Home Lay It Bare on Debut Album “Forever Undone”

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German outfit Letters Sent Home confronts vulnerability head-on with their debut album, Forever Undone, released via SharpTone Records.

The record features a blend of previously released tracks like the raw and emotional “i hope i die first.” and the defiant “Final Battle,” alongside a collection of six brand new songs brimming with ambition, raw honesty, and vibrant energy.

“Forever Undone tells stories from my life I’ve never shared before,” explains vocalist Emily Paschke. “It delves into themes of religious trauma, manipulation, and the complexities of my relationship with my mother. It also reflects the feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness many young people experience today.”

Transparency is a cornerstone of the album. “Mental health is a crucial conversation, but we wanted to shine a light on other issues too,” Paschke continues. “We aimed for complete honesty, and I believe we’ve pushed that boundary on this record. The relatability and emotional resonance of our songs have always been important, and I think we’ve taken that to a new level here. Musically, we knew we wanted to infuse the album with more energy and fire. It’s a culmination of all our musical influences and personalities, a true representation of who we are as Letters Sent Home.”

The release coincides with the music video for their new single, “Hysteria.” The track explores the anxieties fueled by social media, the constant pressure to be perfect, and the potential for even minor missteps to be weaponized.

Across three critically acclaimed EPs of “sad, hard music,” Letters Sent Home have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their sound, a potent blend of pop-punk, alt rock, and emo, serves as a conduit for Paschke’s deeply personal lyrics.

Formed in 2015 by Paschke and bassist Lara Ripke in Germany’s rural north, the band solidified into a serious project after the pair returned from studying in North America. The music, an electrifying fusion of youthful energy and introspective lyrics, serves as a vessel for Paschke’s inner struggles.

“Our music is about confronting my personal traumas,” Paschke explains. “It’s about acknowledging that while you never fully heal, you learn to live with it. The scars may remain, but you can choose how they define you. There’s always room for growth, and true happiness might always be just out of reach, but that doesn’t mean the journey isn’t worth it.”

Letters Sent Home, completed by guitarist Robin Werner and drummer Louis Schramm, are ready to embrace this opportunity and share their music with the world. Forever Undone is a powerful proof of their talent and a deeply personal exploration of vulnerability and strength.