Raiche Announces Upcoming EP "Loveland" and Unveils Sultry New Single "Half & Half"

Raiche Announces Upcoming EP “Loveland” and Unveils Sultry New Single “Half & Half”

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Emerging singer Raiche is gearing up for the release of her EP Loveland, which is slated to hit the airwaves on November 17. Originally intended as her debut album, Loveland is a musical testament to the everyday intricacies of love.

Raiche’s upcoming EP, Loveland, is a musical exploration of the intricacies of love, delving deep into emotions and experiences. In her words, “I am such an open person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t care to sometimes be brutally honest and live my truth.” This candid approach to her music allows listeners to connect on a profound level.

For Raiche, music is not just a creative outlet; it’s also a therapeutic experience. She further shares, “I find it awful if I have to hold things back. It stresses me out. So it’s even more therapeutic in that sense where other people are like, ‘Wow. I went through that same thing’ or ‘I feel that emotion,’ or ‘you are speaking to me.'”

While the full tracklist for Loveland has yet to be revealed, it is set to feature previously released tracks like “Late Show” and “Big Daddy.” Additionally, the EP will include two songs from 2022, “Fool” and “Feelings.” In Raiche’s words, “‘Fool’ is simply an honest and heartfelt breakup song, where I talk candidly about my needs and why this person was constantly coming up short for me, and how I can’t put up with it anymore because I’d really just be playing myself.”

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To coincide with the announcement of her upcoming EP, Raiche has released a sultry new single, “Half & Half.” This captivating song explores love and emotions in a fresh, emotionally resonant way. Accompanied by an evocative video, “Half & Half” promises to be a musical experience like no other.

Raiche’s Loveland marks her growth as an artist and promises a unique musical journey. Following her 2019 debut project, Drive, which included successful singles like “Money Pies” and “Complicated,” Raiche continues to evolve and captivate her audience.

Listen to Raiche’s “Half & Half” below: