Rosemarie Teams Up with Ryan Tedder and Tyler Spry to Revive Faith Evans' "Love Like This"

Rosemarie Teams Up with Ryan Tedder and Tyler Spry to Revive Faith Evans’ “Love Like This”

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Emerging artist Rosemarie has joined forces with renowned producers Ryan Tedder and Tyler Spry to create a fresh rendition of Faith Evans’ iconic 1998 hit, “Love Like This.” This revival includes both an English and Spanish version, titled “Este Amor.” The cover is a testament to Rosemarie’s artistry and versatility.

Rosemarie‘s decision to reimagine “Love Like This” was driven by her immense respect for Faith Evans, a true music legend. Speaking about the opportunity, Rosemarie shares, “Faith Evans is an icon. ‘Love Like This’ is such an iconic song, so I was more than elated by the opportunity to record my own rendition! When I heard the production by Ryan Tedder, I was excited to be able to step outside my comfort zone and rise to the challenge.”

Rosemarie‘s take on the classic track not only pays homage to the original but also infuses her unique style. She elaborates, “I had so much fun vocal producing and finding ways to add my own essence to the song. It was also rewarding to reimagine the song in Spanish. Latin music is such a huge part of my culture and identity, and now as I get further in my career, my artistry.”


The creation of “Love Like This / Este Amor” was a collaborative effort. Rosemarie worked with the talented Jean Rodriguez to bring the Spanish version to life. The combined efforts of these artists resulted in a dynamic and vibrant reinterpretation of the classic hit.

This latest project is a follow-up to Rosemarie’s EP, Rock Paper Scissors, which was released in March via BirdVisionEnt/Interscope Records. The EP featured production from Camper, Swagg R’celious, Jayme Silverstein, and more, establishing Rosemarie as an artist to watch in the music industry.

“Love Like This / Este Amor” is not only a tribute to a music icon but also a reflection of Rosemarie’s evolving career. It showcases her artistry, versatility, and her passion for both English and Spanish music. This revival is a testament to the power of reinventing classics.

Listen to Rosemarie’s “Love Like This” cover below: