Sleater-Kinney Unveils Evocative “Untidy Creature” Video from Upcoming Album ‘Little Rope’

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The iconic duo Sleater-Kinney has just released a visually striking video for their latest single, “Untidy Creature,” directed by Nick Pollet. This release comes ahead of their new album, “Little Rope,” set to drop on January 19 through Loma Vista Recordings. The video showcases the talents of Australian freediver Amber Bourke, who remarkably holds her breath underwater for the video’s entire three-and-a-half-minute duration.

Discussing the genesis of “Untidy Creature,” Sleater-Kinney revealed, “It was the first song we wrote for Little Rope, although we didn’t know it at the time; we weren’t certain we were even working on another record.” Initially, they were unsure about the song, feeling it came together too easily with familiar elements, like a significant guitar riff and powerful vocals.

However, as the year progressed and the landscape of choices and bodily autonomy shifted, their perception of the song evolved. The band described it as becoming a sanctuary for their darkest fears and brightest hopes, stating, “We sometimes feel trapped or angry, and yet still we breathe.”

The video’s concept was born from a desire to visually represent the themes coursing through “Little Rope.” Sleater-Kinney explained, “We wanted imagery that spoke to the themes that permeate Little Rope: uncertainty, restlessness, urgency, all of the in-between and discomfiting states with which we’re forced to reckon.” The image of a woman holding her breath in a bathtub captures a sense of tension and ambiguity, aligning with the song’s exploration of escape, disappearance, absolution, or a simple moment of peace.

“Untidy Creature” and its accompanying video mark another bold step in Sleater-Kinney’s artistic journey, continuing to challenge and intrigue their audience with each new release.