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Tim Atlas Dives Into New Sonic Waters with “Lifeboat” Single, Teasing “Matinee” EP

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In a delightful turn of musical events, Tim Atlas, a versatile talent known for his singing, songwriting, and producing prowess, has unveiled his newest single, “Lifeboat.” This release not only marks a new chapter in his musical journey but also sets the stage for his upcoming EP, “Matinee,” slated for a February 23rd release through Nettwerk.

“Lifeboat” emerges as a sonic breeze, distinct for its mellow vocals, the resonant strumming of guitars, and the subtle touch of drums. These elements collectively evoke the allure of a tropical paradise. However, Atlas skillfully layers his music with deeper meanings, as the song’s lyrics hint at a deceptive sense of security, pointing towards the potential risks of becoming too settled in one’s comfort zone.

Tim Atlas shares a glimpse into his creative thought process, saying, “This one is about trying to fight the inevitable, but it starts to feel unbearable. ‘Lifeboat’ is just sort of a metaphor for being stuck and sinking eventually.”

The upcoming “Matinee” EP signals a significant shift in Atlas’s musical landscape. This new body of work is a stark contrast to his August EP, “Le Soir,” which saw Atlas embrace a grittier, more industrial sound, crafting his unique interpretation of nocturnal vibes. In contrast, “Matinee” basks in the glow of daylight, offering listeners an auditory escape into a realm that feels both cinematic and liberating. This evolution in Atlas’s sound can be traced back to his geographical move from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, a change that appears to have catalyzed his exploration into new musical territories.

Elaborating on the theme of “Matinee,” Atlas shares personal anecdotes and the EP’s conceptual framework. “’Matinee’ is associated with a lot of different feelings for me. I remember skipping school to go to the movies and ridding myself of any intentions that day. It’s laid-back, and I think it makes you relaxed in a Sunday morning kind of way. ‘Le Soir’ had us up all night long, and this EP begins when the sun comes up at 5 in the morning.”

With “Lifeboat,” Tim Atlas not only entices his audience with a captivating new track but also ignites curiosity for the forthcoming “Matinee” EP. His musical transition from the nocturnal allure of “Le Soir” to the dawn-lit serenity of “Matinee” continues to enchant and engage his growing fanbase.

Listen to the new single right here: