Joshua Roberts good for you

Joshua Roberts Unveils Debut Solo EP “Good For You”

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Joshua Roberts, renowned for his powerhouse vocals, has introduced his debut solo EP, Good For You, under Epitaph Records. Venturing into alternative R&B, Roberts expands his vocal range and exhibits a diverse sonic palette across this new project. Accompanying the release is a cinematic music video for the deeply heartfelt EP opener, “Father,” seamlessly blending elements of alt-pop and gospel.

The poignant refrain “I had nobody to tell me how to be a man” in “Father” symbolically portrays Roberts overcoming the challenges of growing up without a paternal figure. Joshua Roberts shares, “I wrote ‘Father’ for those who are going through similar situations. I hope this song gets to them in a positive way.”

Comprising eight tracks, Good For You explores themes of longing, lovesickness, and occasional jaded heartlessness. Roberts immersed himself in the music of eclectic artists like Labrinth, Jason Derulo, and The Weeknd, drawing inspiration for the EP. Additionally, the gritty dialogue and genre-bending sonics of HBO’s Euphoria influenced the project, resulting in a fusion of alt R&B, dance-pop, and raw, dark lyrical honesty.

Collaborating closely with Magnolia Park member Vince Ernst, who co-wrote and produced a majority of the songs, Roberts dedicated significant studio time to perfecting his vocals. He reflects on the process, stating, “It was a different process because I had to be more of a nuisance with my voice because of the style prerequisites. I believe that it definitely shows the distinction of what I do with the band versus what I do with my solo work.”

The EP features the debut solo single “Stay, Stay, Stay!” — a sweet serenade with pleading lyrics — and its follow-up, “Angel,” a new-age pop/R&B track testing the limits of Roberts’ silky falsetto. “Good For You” unveils a new vulnerability in Roberts’ solo music, peeling back layers and showcasing the emotional and sonic depth of this multifaceted artist.

Roberts shares his motivation for creating the EP, stating, “What inspired me to create this EP honestly is the motivation to always push myself. I felt like at the time of my artistry I wasn’t fulfilling my roots by creating something that I grew up listening to. So this EP is something born of nostalgia but it’s also something that meets uncertainty and different sides of myself that I haven’t truly expressed yet.”