Braden Bales

Braden Bales Unveils New Single, “EVERYTHING IS QUIET”

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Rising Canadian star Braden Bales has released his new single, “EVERYTHING IS QUIET”, today through Capitol Records. This emotionally powerful track signifies a new phase for Bales, following the success of his sophomore EP, “CATALYST,” and his previous single “ASHED US OUT.” The song goes beyond a typical love song, exploring the intricate balance between ambition and the enduring power of love. Drawing from his personal life, Bales narrates the challenges of pursuing dreams while maintaining relationships, creating a relatable story for anyone who has experienced the tension between chasing aspirations and nurturing a significant bond.

Braden shares about the track, “Ambition and love don’t mix well. I’m in my first long-term relationship and wrote this song as an apology before going on tour for over a month. It expresses the mixed emotions of striving to build a dream life while still wishing I was home and apologizing for being away. ‘EVERYTHING IS QUIET’ is for anyone chasing a dream while trying to stay connected to what truly matters.”