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Musical Bridges and Cultural Resonance: A Conversation with Marbey on “Horovel” and Beyond

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Hello and a warm welcome to our special session with Marbey, whose vibrant voice blends Armenian folk with modern beats. Today, we’re diving into her latest sensation, “Horovel,” and exploring how her journey has shaped her music.

Marbey, your journey from Artsakh to Yerevan must have been incredibly transformative. How has this transition influenced your musical style and the creation of “Horovel”?

Since musical experiments are an inseparable part of myself, “Horovel” is not an exception. I would like to emphasize that I adore folk house music very much. I have favorite Armenian DJs as well as foreign ones, and I always go with pleasure to their shows and festivals where such music is played. I dreamed about having similar music in my discography, especially with my dialect, and that is how “Horovel” was created.

“Horovel” beautifully blends traditional Armenian folk with modern electropop. Can you share the creative process behind fusing these distinct genres?

I worked with young, professional, and talented musicians, and I think it came out to be unique and special, which is obvious from the good feedback from social media.

Your music has been described as a bridge between the traditional and contemporary. What message do you hope to convey through this fusion in “Horovel”?

For me, representing old folk music mixed with modern electro-house music creates bigger opportunities for making my music more unforgettable and touchy for both older and younger generations, preserving our values and traditions these days.

Having started with jazz and now venturing into electro-pop, how do you navigate and combine these diverse musical influences in your work?

I always loved experimenting with my music. I am famous as a jazz performer, but now I am performing in the electro and pop genres. Maybe because my feelings are this way at these times. After all, music is a temporary art, and you always need to come up with new things to keep the audience interested.

In “Horovel,” you’ve brought the Artsakh dialect to a global audience. What challenges did you face in making this regional dialect resonate with listeners worldwide?

During these hard times for my homeland, Artsakh, as an artist and Armenian, I want to shout and cry so that everyone hears what is going on in my homeland, and “Horovel” was my shout about my roots.

marbey horovel

Your bio mentions the influence of your mother’s unfulfilled singing talent on your career. How has this personal story shaped your approach to music and your latest release?

My mother is the reason I got into music. She could have been a really good folk artist, but unfortunately, she didn’t follow that path professionally, and instead, she put all her strength into me. She welcomed “Horovel” because this genre resonates deeply with her.

With your background in competitive singing and your diverse musical journey, how do you feel these experiences have prepared you for your current work, especially in creating “Horovel”?

Opening the brackets a little, I will have a new album consisting only of electro-pop songs, and I will always be heard as an Armenian artist. Of course, jazz, pop, and R&B genres will remain my top priorities.

As a co-founder and ambassador of the Silk Note International Music Festival, how do you think platforms like these contribute to the evolution of artists like yourself, especially in the context of your latest release, “Horovel”?

As a producer of the Silk Note International Music Festival and other international projects, I worked with famous artists, and I continue my activity in this sphere. “Horovel” will open new doors for new musical events and collaborations not only in Armenia but also on the international stage. I will try to create a new musical bridge for all cultures.

Thank you, Marbey, for this enlightening conversation about “Horovel.” Your unique sound is a gift to the music world, and we eagerly await your future endeavors. To our listeners, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of “Horovel” and experience Marbey’s musical magic.