Griff and Chris Martin Soar to New Heights with “Astronaut,” a Captivating Ballad

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In a celestial collaboration, Griff unveils her latest enchanting ballad, “Astronaut,” featuring none other than Coldplay‘s Chris Martin on piano. Serving as the crescendo to her Vert1go Vol. 1 chapter, the song delves into themes of love and abandonment, capturing the emotional nuances of young relationships.

The collaboration between Griff and Chris Martin took shape after the two discussed working together during her opening act performances for Coldplay on tour. Chris Martin’s piano contribution to “Astronaut” adds a soulful layer to the song, elevating its emotional resonance.

Griff shares insights into the song’s lyrical inspiration, stating, “In young relationships, when someone needs time to figure out and find themselves without you, it hurts because you’re left wondering what about yourself wasn’t enough for them.”

The collaboration was a true meeting of musical minds, with Chris Martin actively involved in shaping the direction of the song. Griff reflects on the process, saying, “Chris advised me to strip it all back and keep things simple, so I had the cheek to ask him to play on it himself, and I am so honored he agreed.”

To complement the release, Griff treats fans to a captivating live performance video filmed at London’s Greenwich Maritime Museum, adding a visual dimension to the emotional depth of “Astronaut.”

As Griff continues to captivate audiences with her soul-stirring music, she has two headline tour dates on the horizon. Fans can catch her at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on February 6, followed by a performance at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge on February 9, 2024. Beyond this, Griff is set to embark on a European tour.

“Astronaut” marks a significant milestone in Griff’s musical journey, showcasing her ability to collaborate with industry giants and craft poignant, evocative music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.