Griff Drops New Single “Vertigo” Marking a Fresh Creative Chapter

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Griff, the rising star who made waves with her debut mixtape “One Foot In Front Of The Other,” reaching No. 4 on the UK charts in 2021, is back with a new single titled “Vertigo.” This pop slow-burner dives into the depths of emotional turbulence.

In a statement, Griff explained that “Vertigo” explores an emotional state where everything seems upside down, symbolizing the whirlwind of emotions experienced in love and growing up. She sees this song as the commencement of a fresh creative chapter in her musical journey and is excited to embark on this new adventure with her fans.

Speaking to Dork magazine about the track, Griff acknowledged the darker and moodier elements of “Vertigo,” a departure from her previous major-key compositions. She expressed her eagerness to explore this new season in her career, hinting at more surprises to come.

Griff’s behind-the-scenes glimpse reveals that “Vertigo” was born in the English countryside. She shared her gratitude for the love and support her fans have already shown for the song.

As she continues to evolve artistically, “Vertigo” stands as a testament to Griff’s versatility and growth in the music industry. You can listen to the track here.