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The Best New Music Releases This Week

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Keeping up with the constant flow of new music can be a daunting task. From weekly album releases to daily singles, it’s easy for some great music to go unnoticed. Here’s a rundown of the standout music releases from this week:

Olivia Rodrigo – “All-American B*tch”

Olivia Rodrigo continues to shine with her new single “All-American B*tch,” blending pop-punk hooks with delicate verses.

Cardi B – “Bongos” (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

Three years after “WAP,” Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion reunite for “Bongos,” a track that’s not exactly PG with its lyrical raunchiness.

James Blake – “Tell Me”

James Blake returns to his electronic roots with “Tell Me,” a taste of his upcoming album, “Playing Robots Into Heaven.”

Young Nudy – “Peaches & Eggplants (Remix)” (feat. Latto and Sexyy Red)

Young Nudy‘s summer hit “Peaches & Eggplants” gets a fresh remix featuring Latto and Sexyy Red, embracing the track’s theme with raunchy verses.

Sampha – “Only”

Sampha‘s sophomore album, Lahai, is highly anticipated, and “Only” showcases his distinctive vocals on a dynamic track.

Tinashe – “Uh Huh”

Tinashe‘s latest project, BB/ANG3L, features a collection of seven tracks, with “Uh Huh” being a standout.

Goose – “Travelers I”

Jam band enthusiasts will appreciate Goose‘s surprise treat, “Autumn Crossing,” featuring a 17-minute trio of songs known as the “Travelers-Elmeg Suite.”

Allison Russell – “Eve Was Black”

Allison Russell, known for her Americana sound, presents “Eve Was Black,” a thought-provoking track from her second solo album, The Returner.

Flyana Boss – “You Wish (Remix)” (with Missy Elliott and Kaliii)

“You Wish” receives a remix featuring Kaliii and Missy Elliott, breathing new life into this social media favorite.

d4vd – “Rehab”

d4vd‘s recent release, “The Lost Petals,” hints at his evolving musical journey, with 2024 promising even more growth in his music and visuals.

Stay tuned for more music recommendations and discover some of the best new tracks from a variety of genres.