Tinashe Returns with Electrifying New Album BB/ANG3L

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Tinashe has made a captivating comeback with her latest album, BB/ANG3L, released under Ricky Reed’s Nice Life Recording Company. This seven-track album includes previously shared hits like “Needs” and “Talk To Me Nice,” with the latter being co-produced by Nosaj Thing and Scoop DeVille, offering listeners a glimpse into her new musical era.

The album’s core theme, as described by Tinashe, revolves around “exploring both how I self-identify and also challenging the perceptions of others.” She emphasizes the importance of personal choice in how we identify ourselves and the desire to strip away the superficial layers to reveal our raw, unfiltered selves, especially when we’re alone. Tinashe aims for this album to reflect these innermost aspects of her identity.

BB/ANG3L exudes a captivating blend of flirtatious and irresistible vibes that transport you to a sweaty, late-night dance spot with your crush. These sentiments are beautifully woven into tracks like “Treason” and “Uh Huh.”

Tinashe. (Photo Credit: Raven B Varona)

However, the album isn’t limited to just sexy club anthems. Tinashe’s “None Of My Business” delves into the complexities of a secret toxic affair where she succumbs to temptation despite knowing it’s wrong.

Tinashe recently graced ABC’s Good Morning America stage with a performance of “Tightrope,” a track featured on BB/ANG3L.

In August, Tinashe and British artist Shygirl announced their co-headlining tour for this fall, covering various North American venues from October 28 to November 18. For more details, you can visit ratedrnb.com.

If you’re ready to experience Tinashe’s electrifying new album, BB/ANG3L, listen to it below.