LAYA Drops New EP Bet That

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Rising R&B sensation LAYA is back with her latest EP, Bet That, released under Warner Records. This seven-track collection includes previously unveiled hits like “F’d Up” and “Need 2 Know.” In an interview with Rated R&B, LAYA explained the inspiration behind “Need 2 Know,” citing the all-too-common situation of a partner not being completely honest. She emphasized the importance of open communication in a relationship, stating, “I ain’t telling you to wear some shoes you can’t fit in, but I’m gonna need the truth so come with it. It’s simple, I ‘Need 2 Know.’

The EP’s titular track, “Bet That,” is a gritty anthem where LAYA confidently addresses haters and acknowledges her self-competitiveness. With lines like “I been makin’ you tick / Clockin’ all of my sht, btch, get off my schedule / Time to let it go / B*tch, back up,” LAYA asserts her dominance over a backdrop of powerful production highlighted by a searing electric guitar.

LAYA Bet That EP cover

On the bass-heavy “I Ain’t Playin,” LAYA playfully hints at her bedroom prowess, making it clear that she’s all about action. She sings lines like “Hit me with some backbone, n*gga, sign the lease / Hit you with that dose and the Florida get you weak / Pour it for a toast in hopes you get the cheeks.

Bet That follows LAYA‘s debut EP, Um, Hello, and continues to deliver her signature blend of motivational messages and R&B beats. Her music is both club-worthy and inspiring, motivating listeners on a deeper level while instilling a sense of pride.

Stream LAYA’s Bet That EP for an exceptional dose of contemporary R&B.