Maluma’s Don Juan World Tour Setlist: A Musical Journey Through Hits and Surprises

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Maluma, the Colombian reggaeton and Latin pop sensation, embarked on his highly-anticipated ‘Don Juan World Tour’ to promote his latest album, Don Juan, which was released on August 25. This album features a whopping 25 tracks, showcasing Maluma’s musical versatility and creativity.

The tour began on August 31 in Sacramento, California, and has since traveled to various cities across the United States. Fans have been treated to an electrifying performance that includes a carefully curated setlist featuring some of Maluma‘s biggest hits, beloved fan favorites, and a few surprises.

The concert kicks off with the infectious energy of “Coco Loco” and continues with hits like “Corazón” and a remix of “Tá OK.” Maluma also pays homage to fellow Latin music icons with covers of Ricky Martin‘s “Vente Pa’ Ca” and Shakira and Maluma’s chart-topper “Chantaje.”

The setlist showcases Maluma’s impressive range, from the high-energy “HP” to the sensual “Mala Mía” and the romantic “Felices Los 4.” Fans get a taste of different music styles with tracks like “Según Quién,” “Sobrio,” and “11 PM.”

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Maluma also surprises the audience with collaborations, including  “La Fórmula” with Marc Anthony and “Nos Comemos Vivos” with Chencho Corleone. He dives into his discography with hits like “Borro Cassette” and “Madrid,” keeping the crowd on their feet throughout the show.

The concert takes unexpected turns with remixes of popular songs like “X” and “Party Animal.” Maluma also treats fans to his latest releases, including “Mi Niña (Remix)” and “El Perdedor.”

The show continues with hits like “Parce,” “FRESH KERIAS,” and “PORFA,” showcasing Maluma’s ability to switch seamlessly between different musical vibes. As the performance progresses, the atmosphere becomes electric, with fans dancing and singing along to every word.

Maluma’s Don Juan World Tour is a testament to his status as a global music icon. The setlist is a journey through his remarkable career, offering something for every fan, whether they love his reggaeton jams, romantic ballads, or dance tracks.

As the tour makes its way to Miami in early November, fans are excited about the possibility of a special guest appearance by soccer legend Lionel Messi. Given that Maluma’s song “Trofeo” pays tribute to Messi, his presence on stage would be a fitting finale to this spectacular tour.

In summary, Maluma’s Don Juan World Tour setlist is a musical feast that highlights the artist’s incredible talent and diverse discography, leaving fans exhilarated and eager for more.