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Tori Kelly Recounts Recent Health Scare Involving Blood Clots

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The past few weeks have been a tumultuous journey for the talented singer Tori Kelly. On July 23, Kelly was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital after collapsing during a dinner with friends and family. Her husband, André Murillo, had previously taken to Instagram to provide concerned fans with updates on Kelly’s health.

In a recent interview with ET, released on September 12, Kelly openly discussed her frightening encounter with blood clots, shedding light on the ordeal. She expressed her immense gratitude for her recovery, emphasizing how it has reinforced her determination not to take any moment for granted. Kelly also mentioned how the unwavering support of her dedicated fans, evident during her ongoing The Take Control Tour, has been instrumental in keeping her spirits high during this challenging period.

Kelly went on to recount the moments leading up to her health scare, describing how it seemingly struck out of the blue. She noted feeling slightly fatigued throughout the day, with her heart rate noticeably elevated. That evening, while sharing a meal with her husband, André Murillo, the unexpected happened. Kelly suddenly collapsed, prompting her husband to take swift action. She was promptly rushed to the hospital, where medical professionals discovered the presence of blood clots.

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Despite the terrifying experience, Kelly has managed to maintain a positive outlook on the situation. She revealed feeling an unexplainable sense of peace amid the chaos, firmly believing that everything would ultimately be alright. She expressed a profound sense of trust in a higher power, emphasizing her faith that God was watching over her.

Through her courageous journey, Tori Kelly has exemplified resilience and gratitude in the face of adversity. Her ability to find solace in the midst of uncertainty serves as an inspiration to many.

Tori Kelly’s music continues to resonate with audiences, and her latest work, Tori, is available now via Epic Records.

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