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Ariel Houston On “Breaking My Heart,” Authenticity, And Shattering Constraints

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Ariel Houston unveils her latest single “Breaking My Heart,” delving into the depths of her unfiltered emotions and intimate experiences. Despite the inherent vulnerability in her expression, the talented singer embraces the act of baring her soul, recognizing it as an indispensable facet of being an artist. 

Following a prolonged absence from the industry, Ariel Houston reignites the flames of her passion by overcoming a challenging period in her life and discovering her authentic self. Now, Ariel Houston is determined to use her music as a driving force for personal growth and shattering self-imposed constraints.

With her bold and daring spirit, Ariel Houston plans to experiment with new genres like House music mixed with Afrobeats. While there is no definitive date, fans can expect to hear new releases from her in the coming months. As a black female artist, Ariel Houston aspires to convey messages of hope and empowerment to women, focusing on authenticity in her records.

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Peaches N Pop: Breaking My Heart” delves deep into your raw emotions and personal experiences. Does baring your soul in this manner make you feel vulnerable, or do you perceive it as an essential aspect of being an artist?

Ariel Houston: I think anytime we express our emotions or disclose our story to others, there’s a level of vulnerability that comes along with that, but I absolutely view it as an essential aspect of being an artist. Being an artist is more than just singing, dancing, or performing. It is allowing others to come into your world and be a part of your journey, your emotions, feelings, and your thoughts.

Peaches N Pop: After a significant period of absence from the music scene, what prompted you to reignite your passion? Could you share the factors that influenced your decision to revive your solo career?

Ariel Houston: I went through a very dark time in my life, and as I found my way out of that dark space, I found myself completing all these tasks that I set forth for myself, which included creating music. And in that, I became this woman who learned to stop letting other people tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my life.

Factors that influenced my decision to revive my career: I realized that I would never be able to stop singing and my desire to perform and entertain would never go away. Also, I felt like I had accomplished so many things that I set out to do, like graduating with my double masters, starting a non-profit, becoming a licensed psychotherapist, that reigniting my singing career just felt like the next thing to do.

Peaches N Pop: How do you intend to use your music to foster the ongoing process of embracing personal growth in all aspects of life and avoiding self-imposed limitations?

Ariel Houston: By remaining true to myself, and not allowing others to limit my abilities or who I am.

Peaches N Pop: Given your fearless and adventurous nature, are there any intentions to experiment with new genres or styles? If so, could you share any specific ones that have piqued your interest?

Ariel Houston: You can expect to continue hearing pop and of course R&B. I would like to experiment with House music mixed with Afrobeats.

Peaches N Pop: Are there any projects slated for release in the coming months? An album or an EP perhaps?

Ariel Houston: I don’t have a definitive date, but you can expect to hear some new music in the next coming months.

Peaches N Pop: Mental illness and substance dependency are societal challenges that hold a deep significance for you. Your dedicated efforts have positively impacted numerous lives. What advice would you like to share with people, particularly the younger generation navigating these difficult struggles?

Ariel Houston: First, thank you for recognizing my efforts. My advice to young people navigating mental illness and substance addiction is that you are not alone. There are more people than you know who struggle with these issues. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I hope this generation of young people can be the ones to help break the stigma associated with mental illness and substance dependency, and I would say to the parents, don’t be afraid to talk to your children and tell them the truth. Don’t be afraid to tell them that alcoholism or substance dependency runs in the family, or that bipolar and depression runs in the family. This way if they are struggling with these issues, they don’t think it’s only them. They gain more understanding about the genetics and environmental factors contributing to their anxiety or whatever they are dealing with.

Peaches N Pop: As a black female artist, what kind of messages of hope do you aspire to convey through your music? Do you feel a sense of responsibility to deliver a particular concept or perspective with your songs?

Ariel Houston: I hope to empower women. I want women to feel loved and feel a sense of inner strength after listening to my songs. I don’t necessarily feel a sense of responsibility to deliver a particular concept, but I do feel a responsibility to remain true to myself and to deliver authenticity through my records.

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