Image of SOFY singer of Socks

SOFY Unveils New Track “socks”- A Sudden Love Story

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Enthralling music lovers yet again, London’s cherished singer-songwriter SOFY has gifted the world with a new song titled “socks“. This release came months after the immense success of her previous Extended Play (EP), “Bored in Colour (Pt. 2)”, launched in January. This new track comes as a delightful surprise to her fans following her preceding EP, which served as a sequel to “Bored in Colour (Pt. 1)” of 2022.

Released on July 13, 2023, “socks” is the product of the combined creativity of Sophie Howes, Amie Pendarves, and Robb Whiteman, with a commendable production by Gold Spectacles. Adding to the charm of the song, the music video is brought to life through the directorial brilliance of Roisino.

SOFY offers profound insights into the heartwarming inspiration behind the song, stating, “socks is a full blown indie love song. It’s about falling when you least expect it, and not realising that something was missing from your life until it appears and suddenly everything you see and do feels different – ‘love songs used to make me laugh, ’til I met you.'”

Further delving into the song’s conception, she noted, “I got the idea for it when, a couple of months after meeting someone, I noticed I’d been wearing his socks to bed for a week. I then realised I was completely head over heels in love with him and that there was probably a song in there somewhere – about how love somehow hits you slowly and all at once at the same time. I wanted the production to feel cinematic and euphoric to match that feeling, with big guitar riffs and drums and atmospheric, dreamy synths.”

The singer has also shared her excitement on social media, expressing, “my very first proper simpy indie love song, it’s about how love hits you slowly and then all at once, and how it makes every little stupid thing feel like magic. Me and Gold Spectacles wrote this in April 2022 and finished it off a couple months ago and we always knew it was a special one. Slide 2 is pure delirium and joy at 1am in the studio in May when we finally finished it off. And yes slide 4 is the actual socks that inspired the song I should prolly make this an NFT or something lol. anyway, I really love this one and I hope you do. The first single of the new era is HERE go run it up !!!”

Through the unveiling of “socks”, SOFY confirms her prowess in touching listeners’ hearts with her personal experiences and raw emotions, cementing her unique place in the indie music landscape. Her song spins an intimate narrative of unexpected love and the magical moments it brings, wrapped in a musical package that fans can’t help but fall for.