Image of UZ singer of Secret Stash Vol. 1

UZ Revives Early Trap Music With “Secret Stash Vol. 1” EP

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Renowned trap music creator, UZ, unveils his latest Extended Play (EP), “Secret Stash Vol. 1,” a sonic journey that highlights his early career inspirations. The release marks a crucial moment as UZ brings his characteristic trap music elements back into the limelight.

The innovative producer known for his clandestine persona reemerges as a creative force in the trap scene, aiming to rejuvenate the genre with his new EP. The release of “Secret Stash Vol. 1” encapsulates UZ’s refreshed mindset, offering an invigorating take on the soundscape of trap music.

UZ‘s legendary series “Trap Shit” from the early 2010s served as a cornerstone for trap music’s global prominence. His most recent work revisits this pivotal period, aiming to rekindle the distinctive energy that had once stirred the electronic music scene.

The EP kicks off with “Beast,” a track that stands out for its dynamic use of drums, punchy 808s, and glitzy synth rhythms. The track’s rhythm resonates with the harsh intensity of drill music, showcasing UZ‘s prodigious skills. Following that is “Bad,” a track that mellows the tempo but retains the intensity through thoughtful synth designs and impressive scratching techniques.

Concluding the EP is the sizzling track, “Throw Sumn,” a brilliant collaboration with Yung Skrrt. This track stands as a potent testament to UZ‘s influence in the domains of trap and rap, maintaining a robust and captivating appeal.

“Taking my music back to its roots was my goal with this new project,” UZ said. “The music I made for UZ was inspired by my love for hip-hop and electronic music. Though I love songs with vocals, my intent here was to give power back to the instrumentals in a nod to UZ’s golden era and in celebration of the beat scene.”

With “Secret Stash Vol. 1,” UZ successfully revives the essence of his early work, reminding listeners of his irreplaceable impact on the trap genre. His unyielding commitment to revitalize the music scene is vividly portrayed in this new EP, an audacious return to his foundational style that promises to reenergize the landscape of trap music.