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Candid Interview With Don Modus About “Crocodile Tears” And His Artistic Evolution

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NY’s multi-talented hip hop artist, Don Modus, takes a refreshing turn with his latest release “Crocodile Tears.” The track unveils a chilled-out vibe that resonates perfectly. The rapper shares that the inspiration behind this switch in sound came from personal relationship struggles, where he experienced betrayal and deceit. The lyrics reflect the narrative of toxic relationships and empower listeners to move on from such situations. 

Known for his clever metaphors and wordplay, Don Modus attributes the development of his interesting lyrics to years of songwriting experience and continuous improvement. He aims to convey his personal journey and emotions authentically, showcasing his essence as a rapper. While navigating the ever-changing landscape of trends and technologies, he skillfully balances remaining true to himself while adapting to the necessary changes. 

Following the release of “On Sight,” “Couldn’t Be Me,” “Big Time,” “East 2 West,” and “Man Of The House,” he is currently working on the upcoming 6-track EP, promising a mix of fresh bangers, and prioritizing new music to keep his fans engaged and excited.

Find out more about Don Modus in the interview below.

“Crocodile Tears” brings forth a whole new flavor, breaking away from your trademark style with a chilled-out vibe that hits just right. What lit the fire for this switch in sound, and how did you infuse your raw emotions into the track?

Yeah, it’s definitely a nice change of pace from my usual up-tempo music. I was honestly going through relationship struggles when I wrote this track. I had a girl who was constantly crossing the line, and when I would point it out, she would begin to fake cry. That’s what the phrase ‘Crocodile Tears’ refers to since crocodiles don’t actually cry.

The lyrics of this new single reveal a narrative of betrayal and deceit by someone toxic. Can you share any personal experiences that influenced the creation of this song? 

Yeah, like I said before, I had a certain person in mind when I wrote this track. I don’t want to name any names, but we can all relate to being in a relationship that turned toxic. I even went down to Florida to shoot the music video on Valentine’s day to really embody the themes. The last line of the hook “thought you had my heart, now I’m moving on” is about empowerment and encouraging all the listeners to leave their toxic relationships behind.

When will the video for “Crocodile Tears” be released? How did you conceptualize the visuals to complement the message of the song?

It’s going to be released this Saturday, July 15th. Normally I do bigger budget videos with more people in them, but since this song is a change of pace, I wanted to reflect that in the video as well. It’s just me in the video, looking sad but moving on. I had to get the crocodile colored corvette c8 to match the theme. I’m a smoker not a drinker, so In the video you’ll see me smoking in numerous areas as a way to cope, move on, and forget.

You incorporate a lot of clever metaphors and wordplay in this song. How do you come up with these interesting lyrics, and what role do they play in expressing your artistic identity?

Thank you for saying that, it’s always a goal of mine to have lyrics with multiple meanings or wordplay. It honestly just develops the longer you write songs. I’ve been making music for about six years now and each song I get a little better. If there’s any lines that I’m not feeling good about I’ll scrap them and go harder. I’ll even scrap a whole verse or hook. I don’t care. Every line is important in a song and we can’t waste any of them. At the same time I don’t want to come across as too “intellectual” or “preachy.”

With back-to-back fire drops, you’ve showcased your vision and true essence as a rapper. How vital is it for you to convey your personal journey and emotions, and how’s your connection with the public been so far?

The journey is what it’s all about. I didn’t want to be a rapper, I just am one. My life has always been intertwined with the culture and I need to share my experiences otherwise I’ll go crazy. It’s essential that I keep my lyrics authentic. People from all corners try to give me advice on what I should write about, but at the end of the day I’m the one whose face is going to be on the project. I want my music to be unique and I’m only doing that with lyrics that reflect my experience.

In the ever-changing landscape of trends and technologies, how do you skillfully navigate the tightrope between remaining true to your authentic self and embracing the necessary adaptations?

Great question. To be honest I’m mentally struggling a bit with all the short form content. I personally think that doing all these posts is corny, but I’m aware of its importance. I’m trying my best to shoot more bite size content but purchasing all the equipment to make it easier. I’ve been doing a lot of video editing on my iPad, getting iPhone tripods etc. Recently I’ve been using AI programs to help with stuff. My previous release, “Man Of The House” is an example. The mansion that I’m standing on was actually generated by artificial intelligence. The program is called Leonardo.ai if anyone is interested. Jasper.ai is also useful.

Anticipating your upcoming 6-track EP, can we expect a mix of previously released singles alongside fresh bangers? Are there any other exciting surprises in store for your devoted fans?

I’m going to keep the EP fresh. I have to feed the streets and I can’t do that with old music. Honestly, I just have so many songs I’ve been dying to release that I don’t want to waste any slots on the EP. I’m also recording new music so the tracklist is constantly changing. I’m putting in a lot of effort and I think the listeners are going to really enjoy it. 

Listen to Don Modus’ new single below: