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OOTORO Returns to STMPD RCRDS with Indonesian-Inspired “Telefon”

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In his latest return to Martin Garrix’s renowned label, STMPD RCRDS, OOTORO brings a distinct flavor of Indonesian essence with the track, ‘Telefon.’ Having previously partnered with STMPD RCRDS on ‘Beat Like This,’ “Breaking Away,” and “Manic” in 2021, the artist had spent a year and a half away from the label before his latest return, which STMPD RCRDS tagged as ‘something special.’ The artist’s recent production, “Telefon,” emerges as the follow-up to his work on Illegal Mixtape Vol. 4.

“Telefon” is an intricately crafted piece that reflects the time and dedication invested into it, which spanned a period of four years. In its early conception, OOTORO was inspired by an Indonesian vocal from an Erramono Soekarjo release, a captivating element he believed had the potential to be reshaped into something fresh and original.

His vision turned into reality when he finally introduced “Telefon,” a track that not only embodies his unique and captivating brand of tech-house music but also encapsulates his cultural roots. By repurposing the original vocal in an innovative manner, he managed to infuse the track with a profound connection to his Indonesian heritage.

On another level, “Telefon” serves as a platform for OOTORO to demonstrate his unique take on tech-house music, blending contemporary sounds with traditional influences. The final product is a sonic representation of his artistic growth, showing a maturity in production and his ability to play with an array of sound palettes. In its entirety, “Telefon” marks a welcome and memorable return for OOTORO to STMPD RCRDS.

The track is available to stream, providing an opportunity for audiences to experience OOTORO’s inspired blend of tech-house and homage to his Indonesian roots.


OOTORO is a tech-house music artist known for his dynamic sound and innovative approach to production. With Indonesian roots, he skillfully blends traditional influences with modern tech-house vibes. His previous collaborations with STMPD RCRDS have resulted in notable tracks like ‘Beat Like This,’ “Breaking Away,” and “Manic.” Now, he is making waves again with “Telefon,” a piece that beautifully showcases his ability to mesh his cultural heritage with contemporary tech-house music.