Don Modus Collaborates With Dapp Fetti To Create The Unapologetic Single “Big Time”

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Emerging rapper from NYC, Don Modus, is killing the game with his latest release “Big Time.” Following “East 2 West,” the new standout single is produced by Dapp Fetti and is accompanied by a music video shot in Atlanta. The main theme highlighted in the clip is the duality of being both an “angel” and a “demon.” 

Modus reveals that Fetti’s contribution in “Big Time” took the track to a whole new level, “That’s my guy right there. We’re basically a two-man team. He does the beats and I do all the audio engineering. It was his idea to incorporate the Memphis sample and I loved it. We definitely had to chop it up a little using a gross beat to make it unique.”

Recorded in Don’s home studio, “Big Time” shows off the rapper’s gritty delivery and hard-hitting flow. Modus raps: “Coming off the top, my flow raw like I’m Pablo/ trapper and a rapper, women say they love the combo/ Calling me a Angel while my opps yell out diablo’ Chip up on my shoulder but I swear this ain’t no nacho/Money over hoes yea you know I rep the motto/ Show you how it goes, choose my bro before a thot yo/ All about the family like my last name soprano/ Every move I make, modus gang came with the follow.”

When asked about the part, “Calling me a Angel while my opps yell out diablo,” Modus explains: “The balance of light and dark is an important theme in my life and music. It’s just like yin and yang. We all do what we have to do to get ahead, but at the same time I don’t wanna lose who I am. It’s important to have ethics when you’re in the streets otherwise you lose your balance and the dark side will take over. The “dark side” is represented when I wear my custom ski mask.”

Don Modus is making all the right moves for a promising career in Hip Hop. The latest single, “Big Time,” showcases his ability to push his musical boundaries to new heights and solidify his status as a prominent and influential figure in the scene. With his unwavering dedication to his craft and his growing impact on the industry, the rapper plans to drop many more bangers in the future.

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