Image of Yueku singer of Marathon

Yueku Unleashes New Single “Marathon” From His Upcoming EP

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On July 13, 2023, alt-pop artist Christian Koo, better known by his stage name Yueku, unveiled “Marathon,” his third single from his forthcoming sophomore EP, “Little Less Noise.”

Co-written by Yueku, Carter Hardin, and Zakk Autrey, “Marathon” presents a unique fusion of power-pop, indie, and synth, reminiscent of the ’80s music era. Production credit goes to Carter Hardin, showcasing a harmony of powerful beats and compelling synths. The accompanying music video, directed by Mathew Pimental, provides a visual representation of the track’s narrative.

The song takes on a subject many can relate to, as Yueku explains, “’Marathon’ is a high energy track about the inability to leave someone who isn’t right for you. No matter your efforts to distance yourself, they find a way to pull you back in. Though you’re capable of seeing the relationship through an objective lens, the other person inexplicably continues to cloud your judgment; the thought of running a marathon seems much easier than running away. The song has a lot of inspiration from 80’s pop, even slightly alluding to those old exercise tapes.”

The impending release of the EP “Little Less Noise,” scheduled for July 28, 2023, promises an innovative blend of indie, pop, and synth music that resonates with Yueku’s signature style. Yueku explains the concept behind the EP’s title as, “A little less noise means less background distractions–it means clarity.”

As the third single from his anticipated EP, “Marathon” is a testament to Yueku‘s creative depth and his capacity to captivate listeners with powerful narratives, underpinned by a distinctive ’80s-inspired sound. Fans and music enthusiasts alike will certainly find much to look forward to in the forthcoming “Little Less Noise.”

The single, “Marathon“, is a significant addition to Yueku‘s discography, which will no doubt continue to grow as he further establishes himself as a standout artist in the alt-pop scene. It is a potent reminder of the artist’s deep connection to his music and his ability to translate personal narratives into universally relatable themes. With this latest release, Yueku once again proves why he is an artist to watch, delivering a blend of music that is both unique and deeply resonant.