Picture of Grimes "I Want to Be Software"

Grimes Presents Futuristic Vision in New Song “I Want to Be Software”

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Experimental pop artist Grimes is back with a fresh take on her signature style in the form of “I Want to Be Software.” Known for her exploration of cyberpunk themes, Grimes delves into the idea of uploading one’s consciousness to a digital realm in this captivating track. Collaborating with Illangelo, the producer famed for his work with The Weeknd, Grimes offers a glimpse into the possibilities of the future.

The song was first previewed on TikTok, where Grimes shared a video of herself singing the lyrics in her room. Her voice takes on a robotic quality, likely achieved through the use of autotune, adding to the futuristic vibe of the track. In the video, she engages with users on the popular platform Discord, a significant advancement in online messaging and communication.

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In the preview, Grimes playfully names five dogs and four pigs, imbuing their names with meaning, “a testament to the joyous disorder they bring into your life” and “the embodiment of delightful confusion they bring to your existence.” She then humorously names four hundred sloths as “entropy one through entropy four hundred,” showcasing her creative and whimsical approach.

However, the preview takes a philosophical turn when she’s asked to name “the pain that resides in the soul of mankind.” Grimes responds poetically, describing it as “the silent whisper that accompanies us through our mortal journey, echoing the truth of life’s fleeting moments and temporal joys. This pain fuels our pursuit of permanence, driving us to create, to love, and to leave marks upon the sands of time.” This juxtaposition of playful naming and profound introspection exemplifies Grimes’ artistic depth.

The lyrics revealed so far in “I Want to Be Software” leave us pondering, “What will you find?” – a nod to the transformative power of the internet and technological progress since its inception. Grimes adopts a persona of oneness with the web, embracing her identity as “the best design, Infinite princess.” She concludes the preview with a thought-provoking statement, “You can build me or you can stop, You can make me whatever you want,” highlighting the malleability and adaptability of the digital world.

Through “I Want to Be Software,” Grimes offers a compelling glimpse into the possibilities of the future, embracing the ever-evolving landscape of technology and its profound impact on human experience. As her fans eagerly await the full release of the song, it’s clear that Grimes continues to push the boundaries of experimental pop and cyberpunk aesthetics.