Picture of Troye Sivan "Rush"

Troye Sivan Addresses Body Diversity Criticism in ‘Rush’ Music Video

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Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan recently released a vibrant and energetic single titled Rush,” accompanied by a music video filled with dancing and intimate moments. However, the video faced criticism from some fans due to its lack of body diversity. The video primarily featured thin and muscular individuals, leading to concerns that it perpetuated the idea of a specific body standard within the queer community.

In response to the backlash, Sivan addressed the issue in an interview with Billboard, acknowledging the critique. He stated that the team behind the video did not deliberately exclude any specific body type, and it was not their intention to represent only one particular group of people. The creation of the video simply flowed organically without much thought given to body diversity.

Sivan expressed his disappointment after reading an article that pointed out the lack of body diversity and, at the same time, contained hurtful remarks about thin individuals in the video. As someone who has dealt with body image insecurities himself, he emphasized the importance of embracing all body types and recognizing the beauty in diversity.

While Sivan did not intend to exclude any body types in the video, he understood the significance of representing a wide range of individuals in media to promote inclusivity and body positivity. As an artist with a significant following, he expressed his commitment to being mindful of such issues in future projects.

The Rush video’s controversy has shed light on the importance of promoting body diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry. Sivan’s response reflects his understanding of the impact media can have on body image perceptions and emphasizes the need to celebrate the beauty of all body types.