The Latin Dance Music Industry Gains Momentum With Broz Rodriguez And Kinky’s Re-Release

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The famous Mexican DJ and producer Broz Rodriguez have teamed up with the legendary rock band KINKY to re-release one of their biggest singles, kicking off the year 2023 for the Latin dance music sector with a boom. For Broz Rodrguez, who was inspired by KINKY when he was younger and always wanted to collaborate with the band, this cooperation has fulfilled a lifelong goal.

In addition to appearing at EDC Mexico 2023, Broz Rodriguez will also have the distinction of being one of the few DJs from Mexico to hoist the Mexican flag at Tomorrowland, where he will debut his new set.

This is an exciting way to start the year and a historic occasion for the Latin dance music business. The song’s re-release is the ideal way to inspire everyone to work out after the holidays. 

Jorge Marquez Robledo, better known by his stage name KOKO, who is also the owner and business partner of Broz at XDM Records, meticulously mastered and mixed the updated version of the song. This re-release, an Amazon Original, is already available!

Mexican rock legends KINKY were created in 1998 as a member of the Avanzada Regia musical trend.

Gilberto Cerezo, Ulises Lozano, Carlos Chairez, Omar Góngora, and Cesar Pliego make up the group. Despite the fact that the bulk of their songs is sung in Spanish, some of them include lyrics in English.

In conclusion, fans of both the Latin dance music scene and the renowned rock band may rejoice at the pairing of Broz Rodriguez and KINKY. Releasing “Ejercicio #16” is the ideal method to inspire everyone and kick off the new year.

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