Exclusive: Luigui Bleand Reveals Title Of First Single From Upcoming LP Pandora

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Dominican-Haitian singer-songwriter and producer Luigui Bleand, had announced recently that he is working on a new album called Pandora. The Caribbean star who is known for popular singles like “Besame La Boca” and  “Lo’ Prieto,” confirmed that a new song will be coming in February titled “Copa Cabana.”

In an in-depth interview, Bleand talks about exciting new collaborations, gives us a sneak peek into his creative process, and comes clean about the challenges of putting out new music. 

Read the full interview below.

Let’s talk about the upcoming album Pandora. Have you decided on the tracklist yet? Will we hear a preview soon?

We already managed to make a previous selection of the song and very soon we’re going to release one of them called “Copa Cabana.” Probably at the beginning of February.

Is your collaboration with Chris Brown confirmed? Will the new record feature any exciting names?

I’ve been working for a long time to make the collaboration with Chris Brown come true, it’s Chris Brown you know, and it takes time to process everything for it to happen. And yes, we are going to do a little different rhythm than what he normally does.

How involved are you in the production process? Is it difficult incorporating different genre elements together or does it come naturally to you?

I am 100% involved in the whole process, I am the central axis of the sound that I create, I talk to the producers first or if the producer has my idea and has already created it, I select it.

It’s a bit tedious to mix the beats. This is based on the knowledge you have regarding the production and creation of rhythms and new trends.

What is the most exciting part of putting out new music and what is the most challenging?

The most exciting thing about creating music is the challenge of creating it and the challenge is that you don’t know how the public is going to react to this new challenge, but it is exciting because you are going for something that is not at the forefront or trend, but you are going for it, and you are daring to create it. And that is the challenge of having a new challenge, especially for an artist who is working with new colors.

Name some of the artists that have inspired your sound!

Michael Jackson, The weekend, Dr Dre, 2 pack, not a lot of Latin authors in the list but of course daddy Yankee and Tego Calderon

There are certain artists who have helped me. There is a very important one that gave me the central idea for the creation of this record called: Chase Bryant, who is a monster in Pop Funk.

Reggaetón, Dancehall, and Afrobeat continue to take over the world. Which style or genre do you think will break out next?

I would say that Pop Funk, this comes as mainstream Pop, comes to cover the industry, but no one will see it coming, because it is a very heavy rhythm, but very complete, it is so intense that the popular ear has not been able to detect it. The popular Latino ear, because Hispanics don’t know much about pop funk, but when they hear it in their language, they will take it as theirs.

Have you started working on your documentary feature? What will it be called and who is leading the project?

This project is led by Yanirma Reynoso. It is a documentary produced musically. At the moment it does not have a title, but something very interesting will come out.

Watch the official music video for “Lo’ Prieto” on YouTube:

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