Nino Augustine

Spotlight on Latin Beats: Discover Nino Augustine, Delilah & More Rising Stars

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These are fresh talents who may not be household names yet, but they’ve got tunes that spark our interest and deserve a spot on your playlist.

In latest “On the Radar Latin” for May 2024, we’ve rounded up a new batch of artists we stumbled upon through social media scrolls, networking, or live performances. Here’s who’s catching our eye this month:

From Ecuador: Alex Ponce
Meet Alex Ponce from Cuenca, Ecuador, who’s making waves with his standout voice and heartfelt performances. A proud member of the NEON16 talent lineup, Alex has racked up over 70 million Spotify streams with hits like “Plan,” “Traición,” “Fuiste,” and “Cerrando Ciclos.” His new EP “Ruido” just dropped, blending contemporary pop, acoustic ballads, and regional Mexican tunes. The track “Daría Todo” is especially notable for its regional Mexican flair. Alex Ponce is quickly carving out a name for himself in Latin pop.

From Mexico-America: Delilah
During the chaotic second day of the Sueños festival, which got cut short due to bad weather, Delilah became a musical haven for fans craving some tunes. Despite the schedule upheaval, this 16-year-old corridos tumbados singer took the stage and showcased her potential in a brief 10-minute set. Signed to Natanael Cano’s Los CT label, Delilah blends sharp guitar riffs with heartfelt lyrics, delivered with a voice that’s both tender and commanding. Her performance at Sueños was just a teaser of what’s to come from this promising artist.

From Guatemala: Fabiola Roudha
I first came across Fabiola Roudha on a Guatemalan TV show years ago. Even then, her mature voice and sweet demeanor were unforgettable. Fabiola has since graced many stages, won a major reality TV music competition, and continued to enchant audiences with her mix of blues, soul-pop, and Gospel. Her latest collaboration with Mexican icon Daniela Romo showcases a powerful blend of vocals and deep lyrics, proving Fabiola’s talent is as strong as ever.