Tini Unveils New Details On Her Upcoming Valentine’s Day Album Cupido

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Argentine artist Tini recently spoke with Tony Aguilar at the LOS40 Global Show. The talented singer-songwriter told the presenter that she is ready to transmit all the adrenaline and emotion that she experienced with Argentina’s triumph in the World Cup in Qatar through new music. 

The first song that was introduced from the LP was “Miénteme” with María Becerra. “Many people are going to identify with the song and I think that this album will be the end of an era,” explains Tini, when asked about the forthcoming Cupido. The rising star also implies that she is to start a new chapter with her music and dedicates the 14-track record to the people who have accompanied her during all these years.

When speaking about heartbreak as a driving creative force, Tini says: “It’s a bit strange to say it, but yes: there is some inspiration through heartbreak that, at some point, life gives you. The not so beautiful things give you growth, they make you find yourself again in a lot of aspects. So, when writing there is an emotional and personal development in artists that is inevitable. And obviously it’s nice to write about love, but when you also have a bad time, it’s not only heartbreak but that personal growth that you have after.”

After dropping “Muñecas” with La Joaqui and Steve Aoki, Tini is all set to release her fourth studio album Cupido on Valentine’s Day. The record, which is inspired by heartbreak and pain, will come out February 14, 2023.