Arcángel y Bad Bunny Release Their Most Recent Collaboration: “La Jumpa”

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Longtime urban collaborators Bad Bunny and Arcángel released a new song together called  “La Jumpa.”  The track was recorded remotely in recent days and is part of Arcángel’s new album Señor Santos, released December 1 via Rimas Entertainment.

“It was a song that he sent me about a week ago. I already had the album finished and we were waiting for it,” Arcáncel told Billboard Español in an exclusive interview. Bunny, who is currently touring Latin America with his successful World’s Hottest Tour, “already had some ideas for the next song that they would record together. 

Bunny managed to record “La Jumpa” in Peru. Arcáncel reveals that he sent it to him the same day, “and three, four days passed in which we sent back and he listened. We haven’t seen each other in a few months, and we recorded the last track for my album this week. In other words, we came to deliver it and all the parties were happy with the mastering of the song, we are all in agreement.”

“La Jumpa” is one of the 18 tracks that make up Señor Santos; a street trap album with which Arcángel honors the memory of his brother Justin, who died last year in a car accident.

Arcángel and Bad Bunny had previously collaborated on 2017’s “Me acostumbré,” 2018’s “Original” and 2021’s “Por ti.” The two had also worked together on “Diles” with Ozuna, Farruko and Ñengo Flow, in 2016, and on “Soy Peor Remix” with J Balvin and Ozuna, in 2017.

Watch the official visualizer for “La Jumpa” here: