Marc Seguí Joins Forces With Paula Cendejas For New Single “A Tu Manera”

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Spanish Latin Pop singers Marc Seguí and Paula Cendejas immerse themselves in a toxic love story. The collaboration is called “A Tu Manera” and talks about those unsteady and unreliable relationships that are like the dog in the manger.

“A Tu Manera” is about the game two people play in a relationship, “Now I want to be with you, now I don’t/ I answer your messages, now I don’t/ I’m overwhelmed, now the intensity floods me…” It’s like getting stuck in a spiral storm without a way out. 

The lyrics insinuate that both sides are at fault. The manipulation comes from both sides and neither of them is willing to leave the other permanently, even if it is for the best, because the comfort of having the other person around is convenient for them.

The new track is accompanied by a music video, directed by Iris Valles, who films Cendejas and Seguí at a homely setting, doing everyday things like having breakfast together until, suddenly, Paula disappears without a trace. 

Cendejas and Seguí were really excited prior to the release of “A Tu Manera.” Both have admired and followed each other’s works. Produced by Lucas Otero, the new single came to fruition as a result of the efforts of the singers, as well as Chechu Aurrecoechea, Piero Visciotti and Xavier Bofill (Xavibo).

Watch the official video for “A Tu Manera” here: