Check Out “2 AM” By The Outstanding Scarlett Andrews

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The latest single from Scarlett Andrews, “2 AM,” was created through a partnership with BMG producer TR33 and Deon Graham. It is a soulful song that anyone would find themselves bopping along to. The inventive simplicity of “2 AM,” with its somber notes and flowing harmonies, creates a pleasant sound.

In “2 AM,” Scarlett Andrews showcases her natural skill and drive to become a better person. The artist presents her creativity in an intoxicating manner during a strong and overpowering performance, having a profoundly good effect on the audience. The richness of Scarlett Andrews’ voice accentuates each note and piques the interest of the listener in her compositions.

In Scarlett’s words, 

2AM is about a strong desire for love and affection. The song is centred around a thought about a person. Potentially you love this person, however the feeling is more of a late night need to have them close by.

Scarlett Andrews places a lot of emphasis on writing creative music that fuses several inspirations into a recognizable, unique tone. Her music is a wonderful illustration of how to create a really personal sound by skillfully fusing a range of different styles and influences.

For Scarlett, music is a way to express her creativity and her capacity for self-expression while also engaging the listener more deeply.  She keeps evolving and growing, not just as a musician but also as a person, eagerly anticipating new challenges without quitting in the face of uncertainty. Since Scarlett was prepared to stretch herself, her music is now being discovered by an increasing number of people.

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