Pop Starlet Karin Fransson Shares A New Single “Digital Crush”

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London-based Swedish-born singer-songwriter Karin Fransson has released a new single “Digital Crush.” The third and last single of the trilogy from Fransson’s recording endeavor “Project ’85” is a spectacular conclusion. A second collaboration with Swedish producer Erik Andersson, who once more built an enticingly alluring backdrop for Fransson’s sensual voice.

Genre-wise, it’s difficult to categorize, but this is undoubtedly another work of “stunning unique pops of her own” type.  The song itself obliquely examines the idea of how we establish connections in the digital age.  It’s current, intelligent, and cheeky, Similar to Fransson in certain ways.

Karin is an accomplished producer, session vocalist, and live performer with a total of 7 independent recordings. This artist’s work defies easy categorization since it combines several genres and styles with uncommon and lovely melodies to capture a broad audience. Examples of these melodies include soulful, jazzy, folky, and occasionally funky pop tunes with an acoustic edge.

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