María Becerra Performs Two New Songs From Anticipated LP La Nena de Argentina

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One of the leading voices of Argentina’s urban movement, María Becerra, surprised fans recently by performing two new songs during her TikTok live. The singles will be enlisted in her forthcoming album, La Nena de Argentina, which is set to come out December 8th. The tracklist includes 14 songs, among which are “Automático,” “Ojalá” and “Maléfica.”  

During the Las Vegas live performance, Becerra introduced “Cuando Hacemos el Amor” and the unnamed track that fans are calling “Desafiando al Destino.” María takes a different direction with these new songs that people are not used to hearing from her. Instead of the usual dance rhythms, the Argentine singer slows down the beats and puts love in the front seat.

“Because when we make love, there is nothing like it. When we make love we forget about the clock and we don’t want the sun to rise,” sings Becerra in the chorus of this new release. She later continues with the verse, “I like that you want to fulfill all my fantasies and that you whisper in my ear I want you to be mine.” 

The second song is also dedicated to love and depicts the journey people go through to be able to be with the one they want, “If you don’t remember how much I love you, I’ll tell you. If the stars in the sky go out, I’ll turn them on. And when the passing of time scares you, I’ll stop it. And I’ll stay with you and defy fate.”

No matter what style or genre, María Becerra proves to be one of the fastest rising stars of her times. There’s no doubt that the upcoming album La Nena de Argentina will add to her fame and be a turning point for her career, paving her road to becoming a global sensation.