Interview with Tekno on “Wayo” and His Journey with emPawa Africa

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In this interview, we sit down with Tekno to discuss his latest single “Wayo” and his exciting new partnership with Cartel Music and emPawa Africa. Tekno shares the inspiration behind this collaboration, the creative process of making “Wayo,” and his vision for the future. We also explore his musical influences, his approach to creating music, and what fans can look forward to in his upcoming projects.

Wayo” opens a new chapter in your musical journey with Cartel Music and emPawa Africa. Can you share what sparked this groundbreaking partnership and what it means for your career?

The new chapter in my musical journey with “Wayo” and the partnership between Cartel Music and emPawa Africa was sparked by our shared vision of empowering African creatives and pushing industry boundaries. Working with Mr Eazi and emPawa aligns perfectly with my goals of nurturing emerging talent and fostering innovative musical expressions. This strategic alliance with emPawa promises to be a game changer for the African music industry and a beacon of opportunity for artists. We look forward to seeing how this partnership will catalyze the growth of emPawa Africa, its artists, and the broader African music ecosystem.

This collaboration not only provides a platform that supports artistic freedom and innovation but also enables me to invest in and mentor the next generation of African talent. The first release from this partnership, “Wayo,” exemplifies this new era by combining infectious rhythms, soulful storytelling, and visually stunning elements, setting the tone for future projects. I’m excited about this new journey and what it holds for my music and the artists who will benefit from the opportunities this partnership creates.

The music video for “Wayo” was directed by Dammy Twitch. How did you envision the collaboration for the video, and what was the concept behind it?

Collaborating with Dammy Twitch for the “Wayo” music video was an exciting endeavour aimed at bringing the song’s themes of love, resilience, and forgiveness to life. The concept was to portray a heartfelt narrative of a couple navigating their relationship challenges within the vibrant setting of Lagos Island. Dammy’s expertise in crafting visually stunning and emotionally charged videos made him the perfect choice to direct this project, ensuring that the video resonated deeply with the song’s lyrics and mood.

The video stars Nollywood sensation Uzoamaka Aniunoh and myself, creating a compelling depiction of love and reconciliation. Through dramatic storytelling and expressive dance sequences, we aimed to capture the pulsating spirit of Lagos and its unique dating culture. The collaboration sought to enhance the song’s message, making it an unforgettable visual and auditory experience for the audience.

In your career, you’ve blended various styles within the afrobeats genre. How do you decide which elements to incorporate, and has this process changed with your new single “Wayo”?

I just vibe with different sounds and see what clicks. I love playing instruments and listening to all kinds of music, so I mix it all up. For “Wayo,” working with SHUGAVYBZ and Roger Lino was amazing – we brought our A-game to create something fresh but still true to afrobeats. The process is always evolving, and with this track, I really wanted to push some boundaries and explore new sounds.

You’ve penned and produced hits for major artists like Davido and Swae Lee. How does your approach differ when creating music for others compared to when you’re creating your own songs?

When I’m making music for others, it’s all about their vibe and what they want to express. I dive into their world and help bring out the best in their style. But when it’s my own stuff, it’s personal. I get to tell my own story and experiment with my own ideas. At the end of the day, I just focus on making the best songs possible, whether they’re for me or for someone else.

Who were your musical influences growing up, and how do they continue to impact your sound today?

Growing up, I was all about P-Square, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Tupac, and Eminem. These legends showed me the power of rhythm and storytelling. They’re a big part of why I do what I do. Their influence is still there in my music today – I blend traditional afrobeats with those strong, emotional vibes I learned from them. It’s all about keeping that essence alive while adding my own twist.

How do you handle the pressures and expectations that come with your success?

I started from humble beginnings, always finding joy and laughter in life. No matter what, I try to keep that positive outlook. I’m so grateful for where I am now, but I always remember where I came from. It keeps me grounded. Success brings pressure, but I focus on the love for music and the joy it brings to my fans. That keeps me going, no matter the challenges.

How do you see your sound and artistry evolving in this new musical era you’re entering with emPawa Africa?

This new chapter with emPawa Africa is super exciting! My sound is definitely evolving. I’m trying out new genres and production styles, but always keeping that afrobeats core. This partnership is pushing me to explore new creative paths and work with a bunch of talented people. My goal is to make music that’s global yet still true to my roots.

Looking forward, what can your fans expect from your upcoming projects? Are there any surprises or new collaborations they should be excited about?

Man, I’ve got some real heat coming up! Can’t spill all the details, but trust me, there are some dope collaborations and fresh sounds on the way.