Jenna Raine

Jenna Raine Drops Captivating New Single, “Hypothetically”

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Rising pop artist Jenna Raine is back with her emotionally charged new single, “Hypothetically”, released via Warner Records. This track marks a significant step in Jenna’s artistic journey, highlighting her evolution as both a dynamic vocalist and a deeply insightful songwriter. With “Hypothetically,” Jenna explores the complexities of relationships and personal insecurities, offering listeners a relatable and heartfelt experience.

The song opens with a bright acoustic guitar melody, perfectly complemented by sunny and upbeat percussion. This cheerful instrumental backdrop contrasts with the song’s introspective lyrics, creating a unique blend that draws listeners in. Jenna’s voice, full of emotion, captures the uncertainty she feels in a relationship. She sings, “But I need to know it’s real,” and in the refrain, she questions aloud, “But hypothetically, would you be there for me?” This combination of lively music and poignant lyrics underscores her growth as an artist who can convey deep emotions through her music.

“Hypothetically is a song dedicated to the overthinkers,” Jenna explains. “I’ve spent a lot of nights thinking about the people in my life and who would be there for me at my absolute worst. This has been a thought I’ve struggled with for quite some time, and I’m excited that I’ve been able to encapsulate the meaning in a song. Hypothetically is dedicated to my family and friends—those who are close to me and who I truly believe would be there for me through anything.”

Earlier this year, Jenna released “Lovesick”, a track that has already amassed over 5 million streams and received critical acclaim. Sweety High hailed her as “the rising queen of all-too-relatable pop,” while The Honey Pop praised, “We are Jenna Raine stans around here, so of course gushing about her new track was a must.” “Lovesick” built on the success of her previous single, “Big Dumb Heart”, which followed the release of her EP, Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 2. This EP features the viral hit “It Is What It Is,” which exploded on TikTok, garnering over 5 million views and inspiring its own dance trend, with over 40,000 creations on the platform.

In early 2023, Jenna kicked off her EP series with Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 1, featuring infectious anthems like “Stupid Cupid” and “Crickets.” These tracks showcased her knack for catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, further establishing her as a rising star in the pop music scene. Her journey to stardom began in 2021 when she became an online sensation with the defiantly hopeful “see you later (ten years),” which has since accumulated over 100 million streams.

Jenna’s breakout moments have led to significant milestones in her career. She performed at the 2023 MTV VMAs Block Party, received buzz from major publications like Rolling Stone, Billboard, and V Magazine, and graced the cover of Girls’ Life Magazine. These achievements highlight her rapid ascent in the music industry and her growing influence as an artist.

As Jenna continues to release music that resonates with fans, “Hypothetically” stands out as a testament to her growth and versatility. With its combination of heartfelt lyrics and engaging melodies, the single is sure to connect with listeners on a personal level, showcasing Jenna Raine’s ability to capture the complexities of human emotion in her music. As she continues to evolve as an artist, fans can look forward to more enthralling releases that reflect her unique voice and perspective.