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An Interview with Kizz Daniel on Fatherhood, Creativity, and the Future of Afrobeats

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Kizz Daniel, a name synonymous with riveting Afrobeats rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, has carved a unique niche in the music world, blending personal experiences with universal themes. In a revealing conversation, Kizz Daniel shares insights into his latest hit, “DOUBLE,” an intimate portrayal of his journey as a husband and father, infused with playful elements from children’s music like ‘Baby Shark’. His transformation into a family man has not only shaped his personal life but has deeply influenced his creative process, enriching his music with a newfound depth and emotional resonance.

As we celebrate ten years of Kizz Daniel’s impactful contributions to music, he shares his excitement for upcoming projects and the potential of Afrobeats to continually innovate and captivate audiences worldwide. This interview not only highlights his past achievements but also sets the stage for the next chapter of his illustrious career.

Peaches N Pop: “DOUBLE” seems to draw a lot from your personal life, particularly your experiences as a husband and father. Can you share what inspired you to use ‘Baby Shark’ as a musical influence for this track?

Kizz Daniel: ‘Double’ is a very personal track for me, that was dedicated to my wife actually. From the lyrics to the video you can tell that it reflects my experience as a father and husband. I’m at a point in life where I’m embracing the joys of fatherhood and being a husband and Double really speaks on that. The inspiration to use ‘Baby Shark’ as a musical influence came from spending time with my children. Anyone that’s a parent or guardian knows how easy it is for these children’s songs to stick in your head. You find yourself frequently humming it around the house and singing it to your kids and I thought to myself “you know what? Why not put an Afrobeat twist to it?” you know, essentially incorporate that sense of fun and innocence into the song and that’s how Double came about. 

Peaches N Pop: How has fatherhood influenced your approach to music and creativity?

Kizz Daniel: Mannn! Being a father has had a major impact on my music and the way I express myself. I believe it has enriched my songwriting in ways I can’t even begin to describe now and I have gone ahead to infuse my music with themes and emotions derived from being a father. It really helps you learn to be patient and thoughtful, which of course, I translate into my music.

Peaches N Pop: The single “DOUBLE” is described as a tribute to your wife. What role does she play in your creative process?

Kizz Daniel: My wife is actually one of the most important persons in my creative process. I spend the most time with my wife so it’s a no brainer that she would heavily influence my work and decision making. She is the source of my inspiration, encouragement, and constructive criticism. I respect and love her so much and I think listening to Double, you can see just how much. She really is the source of love and encouragement in both my professional and private life.

Peaches N Pop: You’ve worked with a variety of producers and artists over the years. How do you choose who to collaborate with, and what do you look for in a collaborator?

Kizz Daniel: Everyone who has worked with me will tell you one thing, I’m a pretty passionate person and when it comes to my craft, I take it an extra mile so I try to find people who have the same feeling to music and creation as I do. It must mean that they can offer a new perspective, a new dimension, a new influence, a new tone – a new voice – be it in terms of sounds, ideas, cultures or competencies. Bring something different. Chemistry and mutual respect are also important – I need to go into the studio knowing that I am surrounded by people who are going to challenge me and help me be the best that I can be during that session.

Peaches N Pop: What has been the most challenging aspect of maintaining your position at the forefront of the afrobeats scene?

Kizz Daniel: The biggest problem when it comes to keeping up with my position is balancing my personality with the usual “requirements” of being a celeb. Also, staying true to your sound while trying to evolve is something to take note of also. It is always challenging to satisfy the business side and creative side of one’s music; thus, I continue working on not making my songs repetitive. Another major challenge that arises from success is the ability to handle the pressures and expectations that accompany such achievements. 

Peaches N Pop: You’ve had a string of successful tracks and albums that have resonated globally. To what do you attribute this widespread appeal and success?

Kizz Daniel: I have to give glory to God first because without him, none of it would be possible. Putting out track after track and getting that much reception can only be possible with the grace of God. Also, I’ve got a solid team behind me and we’re just getting started.

Peaches N Pop: Looking ahead, after celebrating ten years in the industry, what are some goals or projects you are particularly excited about?

Kizz Daniel: I hope to do more collaboration with artists from other countries and I am also thinking of diversifying into other music genres. I need to stay true to my sound while evolving still. There are also plans in motion for new albums and tours which I believe will continue to touch the hearts of people all over the world.

Peaches N Pop: What do you think is the next big trend in afrobeats, and how do you plan to engage with it?

Kizz Daniel: My approach to any new trends in afrobeats is always to remain receptive to new influences, try new sounds, and work with musicians from other countries to maintain the novelty of the genre.