Jenny JAM Sends Heartfelt Message To Late Dad In “My Letter To You”

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Jenny Jam, an American singer, has written a heartfelt letter to her late father in her new tune “My Letter To You.” The song is about her late father’s response to an unexpected, cruel letter received before he died of lung cancer in 2014.

The lyrics recount the words she wishes she could say to him to explain the dreadful, unexpected statements directed at her and her strength to bear the grief. Jenny did an excellent job at portraying emotion via her songs. The song is filled with emotion and connection.

“My Letter To You” is accompanied by a music video that perfectly complements the words and recounts the tale. It’s a must-see!

Jenny is a soul-pop singer-songwriter from London who now lives in Los Angeles. Her music encourages listeners to always believe in themselves, especially when circumstances are rough. Her genuine construction of herself inspires thought. Her music’s overall theme stresses converting problems into positives.

Jenny is also influenced by a wide range of genres, including jazz, soul, and blues, as well as iconic 1960s rock acts.

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