Listen to “Estar Contigo” By Ellie Lei

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Ellie Lei has released a new single titled “Estar Contigo.” The tune is a mix of Latin and dance beats. His amazing vocal range, ability to connect with the music, and combination of Latin, dance, and electronic sounds offer him a distinct advantage above others in his genre. The single is accompanied by a beautiful music video that depicts the extraordinary artist singing his heart out!

Ellie has had a profound passion for music since she was five years old. Calixto Leicea (musician, arranger, and composer) encouraged and increased his interest in music. He was the first trumpeter in the renowned trio Sonora Matancera (with Celia Cruz). Ellie was also highly impacted as a child by powerhouses such as Freddy Mercury and Juan Gabriel (very brilliant flamboyant singers/performers/musicians who were unrepentant and outstanding).

Ellie launched his professional music career in early 2019 with the release of his debut track, “Oxygen,” in which he examines his inspiration and tenacity despite facing homelessness at a young age. He intends to tour throughout the world eventually, bringing people along for the ride.

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