CHASE. Just Released The Single “Humbled”

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CHASE. is a name to memorize so that we never forget the magnitude of his brilliance and the power of his songs. “Humbled,” his latest song, enters with a big load of energy, displaying the force of extremely skillfully played guitars making a perfect assault team with bass and drums that provide all the required structure for the vocal lines to come in with their melodies. intense and harmonized, allowing it to shine and offer us a great composition.

Chase Van Dusen, also known as “CHASE.,” is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Gatineau/Ottawa.

CHASE. just completed 6 tracks with Siegfried Meier, and the project was mastered by Chris Athens. Except for the drums, which were played by Melvin Murray of Texas King, all instruments were played by Chase Van Dusen.

CHASE. formerly worked as the lead singer and songwriter for the Ottawa band Benefit of a Doubt, which toured Canada from coast to coast and performed at significant events such as SXSW, NXNE, Canadian Music Week, and other Indie showcases.

CHASE. can be found on Spotify | Youtube | TikTok | Facebook | Instagram