Our People

Here at Peaches n’ Pop, we strive to report facts with integrity and clarity, at the same time bringing in opinion pieces, reviews, and features into the world of pop culture. We value our international team of professionals—strategists, videographers, marketers, journalists, developers, writers, and many more—who work the gears of Peaches n’ Pop behind the scenes and on sight, bringing the most fascinating stories, visuals, and news to you daily.

Meet Some Of The Team

Publisher & CEO

Regina Wright


Terry Watson

Editor and Senior Vice President 

William Ford

Chief Creative Officer 

Jessica Hill

Deputy Managing Editor/Digital Strategy Assistant 

Laura Clark

Managing Editor 

Amber Allen

Senior Manager of Audience Strategy 

Margaret Howe

Director of Tools and Technology 

Amber Allen

Assistant Director of Publishing Operations 

Joseph Sanders

Designer and Art Director 

Erin Green

Publicist and Social Media Manager

Alexander Cox

Editorial Staff

Aaron Turner, Courtney Gordon, Katelyn Smith, Lisa Davis, Samuel Norman, Audrey Medina, Nicole Lutz