LA Laura Paris Strikes a Chord with "Game Over"

The Electro-Pop Enigma: LA Laura Paris Takes Aim with “Game Over” hitting US Markets.

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From the vibrant crossroads of Brussels to the glittering lights of Hollywood, LA Laura Paris emerges as a genre-bending artist that is returning the pop genre to its roots as an elegant counter-culture. Her newest release, “Game Over,” is a classic electro-pop mash up with an 8-bit soundscape and bilingual talk-through vocal.

LA Laura Paris heritage and musical background anchored in the classics, infuses her music with a sophisticated edge, and despite a familiar urban attitude throughout the track, and it’s “blow off boy-toy” theme, LA Laura Paris maintains an exciting and riveting narrative. Her musical journey began at the age of five with host of traditional instruments including the violin, and later piano. While honing her skills at her conservatory, her passion for pop ignited translating into dance, arts and of course a little glam, propelling her towards what seems to be her vibrant musical destiny.

“Game Over” clearly draws a line in the sand in comparison to her earlier work. Complex, animated, and masterfully produced, LA Laura Paris’s artistic evolution is far from over. She delves into a cheeky approach to human emotions, weaving a narrative that resonates with both vulnerability of ones openess and strength of character. In the song she is taking on the predatory playboys at the nightclub, giving the Game Over signal to all the players as they try to peruse their way into the hearts of unabiding young women. Set in a retro arcade setting, her artistic reflection reveals soo many layers once we begin to look under the surface. Directed by LA Laura Paris herself, the “Game Over” music video is a visual feast, mirroring the song’s essence with captivating imagery.

LA Laura Paris’s artistry extends beyond music. As a performer, dancer, and choreographer, she infuses her live shows with theatricality and spectacle. Joined by her “Glitter Team,” her command of the stage is electrifying, and the performing persona is stunning, silver disco hair, skimpy controller themed 2-piece, and vogue ready kneed high boots.

Game Over” is definitely enforcing a narrative of empowerment and self-discovery for fans everywhere. Through its viral energy and empowering message, LA Laura Paris invites listeners to break free from the past and embrace limitless possibilities of love.

Experience LA’s latest masterpiece: