Jacob Kulick Sheds the Persona, Embraces Authenticity on New Single "Same Way to Me"

Jacob Kulick Sheds the Persona, Embraces Authenticity on New Single “Same Way to Me”

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Nashville-based singer-songwriter-producer Jacob Kulick unveils his latest single “Same Way to Me” alongside a David Patino-directed music video. The track, fueled by soulful electric guitar, finds Kulick reflecting on his life’s journey and the enduring aspects of his identity.

“I wrote this song after reflecting on all the touring I used to do, and how much I missed it,” Kulick explains. “It also made me confront insecurities and seek acceptance for past experiences. Ultimately, everything I’ve been through still feels fresh, the emotions haven’t faded.”

“Same Way to Me” paves the way for Jacob Kulick ‘s upcoming album, Nostalgia Is a Thing of the Past, arriving May 31st on ENCI Records. Having overcome sensorineural hearing loss in both ears, Kulick channels his experiences into captivating melodies and raw lyricism, exploring the complexities of the human condition.

Nostalgia Is a Thing of the Past marks a distinct departure from Kulick’s earlier work. Gone is the heavy rock sound and the urge to be a one-man band. He even sheds the persona “KULICK,” adopted during his major label stint. This eight-track collection is the first album under his own name in nearly a decade.

“It was probably the fastest and most collaborative album I’ve ever made, yet it required the least hands-on approach from me,” Kulick reveals. “Søren Hansen co-produced it with a full band – Elle King’s band, to be exact. We recorded everything live in single takes, with vocals added later. This reminded me of how I used to record with my first band after high school – one take and done.”

Music became a refuge for Kulick at a young age. Growing up with hearing loss and enduring bullying from his peers, he turned to songwriting at 13 to process his isolation and navigate a challenging world.

After college, a chance encounter led to a record deal with RCA Records. Though the label had a vision for his sound that didn’t always align with his own, Kulick played along. He established himself as “KULICK” with an EP and singles under RCA, but the transition to indie label ENCI for the KULICK albums (Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood in 2020 and Everyone I Know Will Die in 2022) marked a turning point.

“I was still clinging to the RCA image for a while,” Kulick admits. “This new record is about letting go of all that and embracing what I truly want to do. As I did that, I realized people supported me for being authentically me.”