Unveiling Trauma: mehro Releases “reason to live” from Upcoming Album ‘trauma lullabies’

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Rising artist mehro offers a glimpse into their forthcoming album, trauma lullabies, with the release of the introspective single “reason to live.” The track, bathed in soft acoustic guitar and echoing vocals, lays bare mehro’s most intimate thoughts and emotions.

Scheduled for release on May 2nd, mehro’s birthday, trauma lullabies promises a visceral exploration of personal experiences. “The trauma we have experienced makes us who we are,” explains mehro. “It shapes our desires, losses, victories, and ultimately, our beliefs about ourselves and what we deserve.”

“reason to live” stems from a deeply personal encounter. “A friend took me on a tour of Elliott Smith landmarks in Los Angeles,” shares mehro. “We ended up at the house where he died. The experience left an undeniable mark, a darkness that lingered far longer than I anticipated. Even writing this, it feels like a part of me remains there.”

The song emerged from a moment of profound uncertainty. “I wrote it sitting on my floor, lost and doubtful about the future,” mehro reveals. “There’s a sense of hope, a wish that this song finds someone who needs it, just as it found me.”

This vulnerability resonates with mehro’s recent live performance at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre. The artist is currently wrapping up a U.S. headline tour, with upcoming dates at San Diego’s Voodoo Room (March 24th) and Phoenix’s The Rebel Lounge (March 26th). Following the U.S. leg, mehro makes their debut at Mexico’s Pal Norte Festival before additional shows in Guadalajara and Mexico City.