Flau'jae and NLE Choppa Collaborate on Bold and Confident Track "AMF"

Flau’jae and NLE Choppa Collaborate on Bold and Confident Track “AMF”

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In a display of formidable performance, Flau’jae and her LSU Tigers continue to impress in the ongoing March Madness tournament. Holding the third seed, they have convincingly defeated each opponent they’ve faced so far, including (14) Rice and (11) Middle Tennessee State, with commanding double-digit victories. Their latest win against Middle Tennessee State saw them take control decisively in the latter quarters, with Louisiana State’s star guard playing a crucial role.

Flau’jae’s standout performance included 21 points, four rebounds, two assists, a steal, and two blocks, showcasing her versatility on the court. Notably, she maintained an impressive shooting efficiency, with a 60% field goal percentage, 50% from beyond the arc, and 80% from the free-throw line.

In celebration of their advancement to the Sweet 16, Flau’jae dropped a new track titled “AMF.” This collaborative effort with NLE Choppa marks a notable departure, adding a musical dimension to her achievements. While the lyrics of “AMF” exude confidence, some listeners have speculated about subtle references to the Middle Tennessee State game.

Flau’jae’s lyrics, particularly “I walked in so it’s up, it ain’t my fault / Hella tears in the lobby, it ain’t my fault,” have prompted discussion among fans and observers. The mention of tears coincides with a viral moment from the Middle Tennessee State game, where a key player fouled out, visibly showing frustration and shedding tears upon returning to the bench. Whether “AMF” was inspired by this incident or not remains open to interpretation, adding an intriguing layer to Flau’jae’s creative output.